Niagara Green City is a direct installation water conservation program featuring the Niagara Conservation water-conserving fixtures and the Niagara Smart Pay™ financing system. Under the voluntary participation program, for a modest monthly fee, you can purchase and have installed a UHET™ Water-Saving Kit; which includes a Niagara Stealth ultra-high-efficiency 0.8 GPF toilet; a 1.5 GPM or less Niagara showerhead, bathroom faucet aerators for single or dual sinks and a 1.5 GPM kitchen aerator.

Families can save on average 30,000 gallons

of water in a single year with the UHET Water-Saving Kit featuring Stealth Technology

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The water savings with these ultra-high-efficient bathroom and kitchen aerators with a single kit in a home with 3 people could save in excess of 30,000 gallons of water in one year. This reduction in water consumption alone will in some homes save enough money to more than offset the cost. The savings experienced in not having to heat the water saved at the showerhead and faucets can actually exceed the reduction in water and sewer costs. The combined savings will deliver an impressive return on your investment.